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Loose Dental Implants

Dental Implants and/or their restorations can become loose for a variety of reasons. Trauma, injury, jaw bone integrity issues, diseased tissue and other oral health problems can play a role in how and why dental implants can become loose, wobbly or generally unstable.

The first step is to take an x-ray of the implant to review the bone surrounding the implant. If the bone is stable then the problem is most likely a broken prosthetic screw.

If the prosthetic screw is fractured it is imperative that the proper screw removal tool is used to prevent damage to the implant.

Contact an experienced implant dentist to obtain the appropriate treatment so jaw bone integrity is not further compromised.

Bone Grafting

If it is discovered that certain jawbone characteristics are a root cause, your dentist may recommend bone grafting procedures at the implant site to augment critical bone structures for stabilizing the implant device.

More advanced discussion on other forms of implant problems is available on the Failed Implants page.

Computer Guided Implants

Patients with known bone tissue problems, such as weak or deficient bone material may be candidates for Computer Guided Implant procedures... which uses advanced bioengineering principles to diagnose, locate and prepare healthy implant sites for achieving successful implant surgery.

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tooth replacement procedures are technique sensitive and can incorporate different degrees of predictability for implant success dependent upon the skills and technologies used by the local surgeon periodontist specialist or local implant dentist diagnosis of occlusal function and restoration procedure

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