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Good Implants versus Failed - Bad Implants

Maximizing Successful Treatment Planning

Principles of Osseointegration - Things to Know

Principles of osseointegration, why it is important, how to best prepare for healthy completion of the process and how it impacts the type and quality of dental implants used in your treatment plan. Traditional versus Immediate Load implants are discussed.

Extractions and Implant Dentistry

Some tooth extraction procedures are antiquated and oftentimes cause bone loss which immediately requires bone grafting if implant devices are intended for tooth replacement. Learn about the Ogram System of extracting teeth that minimizes bone loss during the extraction process. Less or no bone loss occuring during extractions may eliminate the need for bone grafting.

Bad Dental Implants - Symptoms of Implant Failure

Dental implants can fail for a number of reasons. Learn about different causes and what steps or treatments are available to avoid having an implant go bad.... or what can be done to fix a bad implant.

Guided Implants - Computerized Surgery Guides

The recent marriage of Virtual Dentistry and Implant Dentistry surgery have spawned a newly developing upgrade of how dental implants are being placed in upper and lower jaw bones. CAD/CAM (engineering) technology creates Surgery Guides such as Simplant and NobelGuides that assure some of the highest rates of predictability for implant success, compared with old fashioned free-hand implant placement.

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tooth replacement procedures are technique sensitive and can incorporate different degrees of predictability for implant success dependent upon the skills and technologies used by the local surgeon periodontist specialist or local implant dentist diagnosis of occlusal function and restoration procedure

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