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Boomer Teeth

The general population of older adults that comprise the "Baby Boomer Crowd" share many experiences and life events that can cause very similar treatment needs in dentistry.

Treatment delay is probably one of the major factors that cause an almost predictable range of dental issues, treatment needs and treatment possibllities for this very large patient population.

Being busy with careers, raising a family and most certainly educating children can cause a drain on finite financial resources that often cause heads of households to cut back or economize where it is the easiest and least "felt" by all family members. It is no secret that a nearly routine method of implementing cutbacks in the household budget is to forestall medical and dental treatment. Children typically become the focus for obtaining treatment when it is needed..... but delayed for the parent or guardian.

Discolored teeth, failing or leaking crowns, diastemas, tooth rotations or shifted teeth due to long standing occlusal abnormalities, underbite, overbite, crossbite, teeth flaring, loose bridgework, broken or cracked dentures (partials too) and simply worn down - worn out teeth are ALL shared to some extent by the Boomers.

This gallery contains samples of pretreatment photos that display the most common dental conditions and needs for Boomers who are preparing to finally begin getting the treatments they have been delaying for a long time.

This is a good example to demonstrate how easily natural teeth can yellow with age while porcelain restorations do not. The restorations, however, show different signs of age and stages of disrepair. Porcelain falling off of a crown (occlusion), crown leakage, minor gum recession at crown margins and possible amalgam staining.

Nonetheless, overall bone and soft tissue health is pretty good. This 60 something year old boomer should be able to select from a wide range of possible treatments that can recreate a smile that belongs to a 30 year old. Creative uses of implants, crowns, bridgwork, veneers, teeth whitening or designer grade partials shouldn't be difficult to implement.

Yellow Teeth Failed Crowns Occlusion
60 Year Old Male
Christopher McFarland, DMD

With the exception of the missing anterior teeth that have caused super eruption of the lower anteriors, these kinds of dental conditions are not uncommmon for many older adults who are playing "catch up." Unfortunately, even mild versions of gum disease can accelerate when no treatment at all is being provided. Tooth roots become uncovered, sensitivity increases and loss of critcal bone tissue complicates overall treatment planning.

This patient has begun a reconstructive program of services that will replace major blocks of bone (with harvested bone), selective tooth replacements via dental implants and the re-growing of gum tissue with specialized alloderm tissue grafts.

Boomers Perio Gum Disease Tissue Loss
Bone - Gums - Tooth Loss
Richard Winter, DDS, MAGD

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